R.Mirkadyrov: prosecutors and court cause damage to the interests of Azerbaijan

On June 10 a lawyer Elmar Suleymanov visited in jail of the MNS a journalist Rauf Mirkadirov. The journalist complained about the conditions of detention and health problems. However, he was outraged by yesterday's  court decision that dismissed his appeal, and did  not allowed him to meet with a notary,  Turan was told by the lawyer.

Mirkadyrov through his lawyer issued a statement which regarded the deprivation of the right to a lawyer in  Turkey as "an unprecedented event in the space of the Council of Europe."

"I want to  note that the prosecution and the judge  that did not provide my participation in the trial made  this decision at the time when Azerbaijan presides over the Council of Europe, and on the eve of the visit of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to Strasbourg to participate in the next session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe," reads the statement.

Mirkadyrov believes that a decision  of the prosecutors and judges should be investigated, and relevant assessment should be given.

On June 9  Mirkadyrov  was not taken to trial in the Nasimi Court, where  his  complaint about not admitting a notary was considered.   Previously the lawyers reported  in the media about Mirkadirov’s intention to appear in court with a statement.

Columnist for "The Mirror" , Rauf Mirkadyrov, was arrested in Baku  on April 19 immediately after the deportation from Turkey. He was accused of spying for Armenia, and on April 21 the court arrested him for three months. Journalist denied the accusation, calling it absurd, and refused to testify. Now he  decided to testify investigation to provide clarity on some issues.—16/06B

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