Shahin Sultanov arrested (UPDATED)

Baku Military Court chose against Shahin Sultanov measure - arrest for a period of months

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2014 April 23 (Wednesday) 16:33:40

Several Azerbaijani media reported that the detention and arrest of the former Navy Commander of the country, Vice Admiral Shahin Sultanov. He is charged under the Articles 313 (forgery) and 179.3.2 (embezzlement on a large scale.)

Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Defense does not comment on those reports. According to the press service of the Defense Ministry, Sultanov is in reserve and no longer serves in the army, and told to appeal to the Prosecutor's Office.  At the same time, an informed police source said that on Wednesday that Sultanov was summoned for questioning, and in the evening the case file will be forwarded to the court for a preventive measure.

Sultanov was dismissed from his post in early March. Then there appeared an unofficial information on the abuse in the system of the Navy. Following his arrest  were dismissed and arrested several other officers. -16/06B-


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