The "Karabakh Committee" intends to call on the population to protests and disobedience if ...

Baku/04.06.20/Turan: The public "Committee of Karabakh" issued a statement criticizing the policy of the Azerbaijani authorities to restore the territorial integrity of the country.

In particular, the authors of the statement accuse the government of inaction in connection with “the establishment of new modern communications between Armenia and the occupied territories, the construction of new settlements there, the signing of the“ strange Khudaferin Agreement,” unhindered trips of the Armenian leadership to Nagorno-Karabakh and participation in various events, including the so-called "inauguration" in Shusha."

The public “Karabakh Committee”, taking into account the above, concludes that the Azerbaijani authorities are not able to fulfill the constitutional obligations to restore the territorial integrity of the country and do not want to.

The document also condemns the “ruthless” treatment of the authorities with citizens demanding the liberation of the occupied territories.

In particular, police torture of Sarvan Karimov is sharply condemned, who, in protest of the "inauguration" in Shusha, wrapped his shoes  with the flag of Armenia.

The authors of the statement regret that criticism by one of the deputies (Vahid Ahmedov) of the activities of the Minister of Defense was received with hostility in the parliament hall and see this as evidence of "imposing by the authorities on the discussion of the liberation of Karabakh taboo."

The “Karabakh Committee” believes that the 27-year-old policy of the authorities to solve the Karabakh problem is unsuccessful and contradicts the national interests and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

In the view of the authors of the statement, the government, on the pretext of peace talks, is preparing the people for a defeatist peace.

They note that if the authorities do not change the policy and bring it into line with the principles and interests of the Azerbaijani state, the committee will lead the people to mass protests and disobedience. –06D-


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