The next wave of tightening laws in Azerbaijan

On Tuesday, a joint meeting of the parliamentary committee on legal policy and state-building was held.

Chairman of the Committee on State Building, Ali Huseynov, said that the fall session is scheduled to introduce a number of changes to the Family Code, the Law on Registration of Legal Entities, and the State Register, the political parties, the Police.

The Committee discussed the proposed changes. In particular, the Law on Registration of Legal Entities proposes changes that foreign NGOs in Azerbaijan can have only one branch.

In addition, in the case of merger with another NGO, in case of its division, or a change in its legal form, a branch in Azerbaijan will be eliminated.

At the same time, it is proposed that while the appointment of head of representative offices of foreign NGOs and its  deputy in Azerbaijan, the time of  work and  credentials should be noted.

The Law on the Police was added an item on the right of police to carry and use stun.

In the law of political parties have been changed, the size of donations is restricted,  and cannot exceed 10 thousand manats per year. Previously, there was no such restrictions. The control of  membership fees in the political parties  will also strengthen.

Head of the Committee on Social Policy, Hadi Racabli, said that the changes in the Family Code  provide for the  information about the health status of the people going to marry.-16D-

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