Ukraine will invite foreign countries to resist Russian aggression

President Poroshenko instructed the General Staff of the Armed Forces to develop new tactics, which will operate under the direct involvement of foreign armed forces, according to the press service of the President.

"We are changing the tactics that will allow us to operate  qualitatively with  involvement of foreign armed forces,"  said Poroshenko. The President noted that on his behalf General Staff now plans to redeploy troops. Poroshenko also instructed the National Security  Service to  do everything to ensure maximum effectiveness of combat actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"We have direct and proven cases of fire against Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation. We have  video evidence, there is irrefutable calculations, reading, satellite images, other evidence base", he said. According to Poroshenko, there is evidence of use by the Russian multiple rocket launchers "Grad", anti-aircraft missiles against our aircraft. " It takes the  conflict into entirely different plane,"  said the head of state. -02D-

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