Ali Insanov was placed in a punishment cell

The convicted ex-Minister of Health, Ali Insanov, was transferred from prison back to jail N1. This happened after he appealed against the decision of the Baku Serious Crimes Court on 18 June,  2015 on the confiscation of his fees in foreign banks.

According to his lawyer Togrul Babayev, Insanov refused to participate in the consideration of his appeal, because he  is  put in a glass  cage and  is not allowed to speak.  However, Insanov was taken to the detention center, and kept  there for three days in a punishment cell. At the same time, he was kept  there in unbearable conditions  during a hot weather  under  42 degrees, and an old man was not given a fan and water. Until today he is not given a food delivered from home.

On 6  August  the Court of Appeal decided the complaint without Insanov. Nevertheless, he is  kept in jail. Insanov regarded it as a torture   by the political order of the authorities.

Insanov intends to appeal the actions of Azer Seyidov, the chief of the detention center in the Baku Administrative-Economic Court N1.-03B-

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