Azerbaijan toughens fines for improper car parking

Azerbaijan toughens fines for improper car parking

On 12 June, the Legal Policy Committee of the Milli Majlis discussed amendments to the Law "On Road Traffic".

The amendments impose a number of restrictions and toughen penalties for some offences.

Thus, it is forbidden to transport passengers on small electric cars with engine power not more than 1 kW and they are obliged to park in certain places, not to exceed the speed of 20 kilometres per hour on bicycle paths, and in residential areas, parks and yards - not more than 10 kilometres per hour.

The fine of 20 manats is set for unpaid parking in a paid parking place; for parking in a place intended for disabled people the fine will be 60 manats; for parking in a place for lorries, electric cars, bicycles and more than 24 hours - the fine of 20 manats; for parking in service car parks - 40 manats.

Payment for parking is made electronically via SMS or special software.

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