Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

By a court decision, Elshad Irshadov was arrested for 16 days

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2020 May 19 (Tuesday) 14:54:01

Activist Elvin Irshadov Detained in Lankaran

Baku / 19.05.20 / Turan: The day before, an active user of social networks under the nickname, “Umar Ali” Elvin Irshadov was detained in Lankaran, reads the statement of the Public Council of Talysh of Azerbaijan (PCTA) made on May 19.

The document states that Irshadov was detained at about 13:00, when he was waiting for the line for receiving financial assistance in the amount of 190 manats from the Kapital bank ATM.

The activist was detained on suspicion of not subordinating the police.

According to the PCTA statement, Irshadov’s “Umar Ali” page is popular among residents of the southern region, as it highlighted the problems of the local population, including Talysh.

Irshadov was previously subjected to pressure, arrests for criticizing the illegal actions of local authorities. However, Irshadov did not back down from the fight for justice and legality, the statement said.

PCTA believes that Irshadov is being persecuted for his sociopolitical views, condemns his detention and demands immediate release. 

Today he will stand trial.

It was not possible to clarify the reasons for the detention of Irshadov in the local police. –06D-


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