Fantastic story of the Prosecutor General's Office about Afgan Mukhtarly

Baku / 01.06.17 / Turan: Three days after the arrest of Azerbaijani journalist Afgan Mukhtarly, the Prosecutor General's Office and the country's state service made a joint report.

According to a press release, "On 29 May at about 22:40 Mukhtarlyay without identification documents crossed the Georgian-Azerbaijani border in Balaken region, bypassing the border control point. Not submitting to the legitimate demands of the employees of the state service, he resisted them with the use of violence of dangerous life and health. "

Further, according to the prosecutor's office and the border service, 10.000 euro and a plastic card were found with Mukhtarly, "Bank of Georgia express." Mukhtarly was detained as a suspect, and on May 30 a lawsuit was filed against him under Articles 318.1 (violation of the rules for crossing the border) and 206.1 (smuggling) of the Criminal Code.

On May 31 he was charged under Articles 318.1, 206.1 and 315.2 and he was arrested for three months by the decision of the Sabail District Court, the report said. The version of law enforcement bodies looks fantastic: it turns out that Mukhtarly, who fled from Azerbaijan, suddenly decided to return to where the campaign of harassment against pro-government media was conducted against him.

While in Tbilisi he was followed by agents of the Azerbaijani special services, Mukhtarly decides to violate the state border without a passport, but having 10 thousand euros, and enter into a "battle" with the border guards (!)

However, all this rubbish is refuted by the representatives of Georgia themselves, by witnesses and international organizations that do not doubt the abduction of Mukhtarly in Tbilisi and demand a response from the Georgian authorities and the release of the journalist. -06D-

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