Journalist Arshad Ibrahimov is arrested in the city of Ganja

Today Nizami district Court of Ganja ordered the arrest of journalist Arshad Ibrahimov, who is currently working with  the sites and According to the  uncle  of the arrested journalist, the  reason for the arrest is  the complaint of Mohammed Bagirov,the former head of the Education  Department of Kalbajar region.

Formerly a journalist published an article about the illegal actions  of Bagirov. After that, a lawsuit was filed against the author  who was accused of extortion.  

Bagirov argued that journalist  extorted from him  30,000 manat  for not  publishing a  critical material.

Thereafter, the police allegedly received a complaint that the journalist puts pressure on witnesses. When the case went to trial, these same witnesses testified that the pressure was exerted on them  by Mohammed Bagirov. Nevertheless, the court has arrested a journalist, said  Arshad Ibrahimov’s uncle.

Attempts of Turan  to get comment  from a journalist named Ramiz were futile. The lawyer refused to talk to the press, and even  did not say under what  article he was prosecuted.

Earlier, Arshad Ibrahimov was a regional correspondent for the newspaper "Azadlig", and since the end of last year  has been collaborating with news sites.-03B-

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