Media Review for April 18, 2020

Measures against the coronavirus pandemic, revision of budget expenditures, new medals are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper "Azerbaijan" writes about the economic results over the first quarter of this year. Over the specified period, GDP growth amounted to about 3%, in the non-oil sector about 7%. The figures could have been higher if not for COVİD-19. It is not known how long this pandemic will last; therefore, the state is taking measures to strengthen social and economic development. As you know, 2.5 million manats were raised to support the economy and entrepreneurship.

The site “” writes about the changes introduced by the parliament at the meeting on April 17 into the law “On the establishment of medals and orders of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. According to the amendments, the jubilee medal “75 years of World War II” was established. However, the attitude of the deputies was ambiguous. MP Fazil Mustafa considers the establishment of this medal unacceptable, since the Karabakh war is a great national war for us.

The site “” writes that the reduction of external and internal revenues of Azerbaijan due to the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, a revision of the state budget is necessary. This will reduce non-priority costs.

The purpose of reducing state budget expenditures is to prevent an increase in the budget deficit. The deficit for 2020 was planned for billion manat. If everything went according to plan, the deficit would be less than the specified amount. In May, the budget will be revised and spending reduced.


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