Press Council Initiates Investigations against Media Outlets

Baku / 19.11.17 / Turan: The Press Council appealed to the relevant state agencies to take action against the press and Internet sites, which were included in the "black list" in connection with "racketeer activities."

In its official communication, the Press Council complains that despite the "results of a purposeful struggle in this direction, abuses are still taking place in the information space of the country."

The Press Council constantly keeps under control the activities of the media that cause dissatisfaction among different sections of society, individual citizens and business entities, investigates them objectively and takes appropriate measures.

However, since the decisions of the Press Council bear a character of public censure, they often do not give effective results against violators of the law and professional ethics.

In this regard, the Press Council appealed to state bodies to take action against the media included in the "black list". The report does not specify what media the Press Council complained about.

This week, the leaders of several websites announced their blocking by the Communications Ministry on the initiative of the Press Council. The editors said the reason for the blockade was their criticism of the activities of the Press Council itself and media curators in the presidential administration. -06D-

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