Press Review 08/21/14

Official newspapers publish orders of Ilham Aliyev on the allocation of 3 million manat for the construction of roads in Tovuz.

The official newspaper Azerbaijan rejects Western criticism of human rights violations in Azerbaijan, and accuses the international organizations of bias and partiality.

The newspaper also scolds those who defend arrested Leyla Yunus. "Those who advocate Leyla Yunus will receive hatred of people," the newspaper said.

Azadlig reports about the disappearance from the warehouses of the Ministry of Health of 195 kg of snake venom worth 9 million manat.

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights called for the football club Atletico (Madrid) to sever ties with Azerbaijan. The Foundation urged the club to change the inscription on the T-shirts: "Azerbaijan - Land of Fire" for "Azerbaijan - Burning Democracy."

Experts believe that the price of 40-60 manat for school uniforms is overestimated by 50%.

Express publishes a notice of the opening of the Health Ministry hotline to report suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus.

The Baku authorities that for 22 years have turned a blind eye to the resettlement of refugees around the lake Ganlygel in recent days have carried out mass demolition of the illegal housing.

Echo: Armenian separatists call Kurds - Yazidi to Karabakh, while the Iraqi embassy in Baku opposes visits to Nagorno-Karabakh by its citizens.

Novoye Vremya expresses doubt that the PACE rapporteurs on Azerbaijan will prepare an objective report, as Pedro Agramunt and Joseph Gresh during their recent visit to Azerbaijan calmly reacted to the arrests of activists.

Bizim Yol informs about the latest anti-Wahhabi operations in Baku.

In particular, the police raided the office of a foreign company and arrested a few people.

Oil production falls and Azerbaijan is entering a period full of risks and therefore, there is an urgent need to reduce costs.

Yeni Musavat claims that an employee of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Tariel Agayev is involved in the murder of a German citizen Vusal Schilder. According to the newspaper, this was admitted by Agayev’s daughter.

The newspaper reports on the police operation in the Baku office of Dar-ul-Ber Company from Dubai, close to the Wahhabis, the detention of its leader, and seizure of the documents.

At the checkpoint Sinig Korpu on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border Kanan Mammadov, nicknamed Nehram, maltreats citizens and gives orders to beat local people from the Gazakh region. -0-

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