Press Review 23.08.17

The formation of large-scale agriculture, the situation with agricultural insurance, and the female labor market are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes that the largest non-oil sector is agriculture, which brings the most currency to the country. The reforms carried out in this area are aimed at ensuring employment, food security, and export growth.

The author cites Ilham Aliyev's speeches, according to which 32 large farms have been created in the country, and 38 agro-parks are being established.

At present, 43 poultry farms, 23 livestock breeding complexes, 8 milk producing enterprises, 6 meat production plants, 39 intensive horticulture and viticulture enterprises, 43 modern greenhouse complexes, 6 institutions for processing fruits and vegetables, 51 logistics complexes and 22 granaries have been established in Azerbaijan, the article notes.

The Echo published an article about the refusal of farmers to insure their farms. The system of insurance of agricultural risks in Azerbaijan is not developed. In the country there is a situation when the producer (farmer) wants to receive an insurance policy covering important risks for him, but is not ready to pay for it.

In turn, insurance companies do not want to go on about farmers.

Farmers feel that farm insurance is a waste of money and they will not be able to receive adequate compensation in the event of a crop failure.

The Bizim Yol writes about the women"s labor market, which gathers women, who have a difficult financial situation. The market for women from 19 to 60 years old is located in the village of Mashtaga.

About 20-30 women stand near the bus stop and wait for them to be offered jobs. For one day a woman can earn 20 manats, but this is not always the case.

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