Prosecutors acknowledged Gular Akhmedova under surveillance

The Attorney General's Office confirmed reports on the measure of restraint against the former member of Parliament Gular Akhmedova - placing under police surveillance.

She is involved in the investigation as an accused in the criminal case filed in connection with the video released by the former Rector of Azerbaijan International University (AIU) Elshad Abdullayev. In the recording, there is a conversation between Abdullayev and Akhmedova, where they discuss a bribe for the election of Abdullayev to member of parliament in the 2005 elections.

After the appearance of the video, the Baku Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case under Article 178.3.2 (fraud with seizure of another's property on a large scale through abuse of trust) of the Criminal Code.

The Spokesman for the Prosecutor General's Office, Eldar Sultanov, refrained from further comments on the video. According to him, in the course of the investigation the public will be provided with additional information.

In turn, the lawyer, Khalid Baghirov, commenting on the measure of restraint for Turan, said that this issue is governed by Article 169 of the Criminal Procedure Code. It provides that the police may at any time verify the whereabouts of the accused within the locality where she resides.

The accused cannot leave the place of her residence without the permission of the investigator, the prosecutor or the judge. -16B06-


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