The advocacy of Shahla Gumbatova and Irada Javadova has been restored

Baku/05.05.21/Turan: The Presidium of the Bar Association withdrew the claim against Shahla Humbatova. She was reinstated as a member of the Bar Association, Humbatova told Turan.

On May 5, a meeting of the Azerbaijani Bar Association was held, she told.

“My question was also discussed at the meeting. It was decided to withdraw the claim against me. I was told that from tomorrow I can start work,” said Humbatova.

She noted that she appealed against the decision of the Baku Administrative Court to expel her from the collegium.  Consideration of her appeal was scheduled for June 2.

“However, without waiting for the consideration of the appeal, the panel withdrew its claim. I was expelled from the collegium by political order, and I was reinstated by the instructions from the same center,” Humbatova said.

The Bar Association in an official statement confirmed the restoration of the powers of Humbatova, as well as two other lawyers Irada Javadova and Turkel Suleimanli. 

Humbatova and Javadova are lawyers specializing in the human rights field. 

In 2020, Humbatova was awarded the International Prize of the US State Department "Courageous Women". –06D-


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