The Movement "Muslim Unity" declared its not involvement in the attempt on the life of E.Veliyev

Baku/07.07.18/Turan: The Movement "Muslim Unity" issued a statement, which says that the organization is not involved in the attempt on the life of ElmarVeliyev, the chief executive of the city of Ganja.

On July 6, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service said that YunisSafarov, who fired at Veliyev and his bodyguard, before the assassination prepared a video message in which he stated that he intended to kill the head of Ganja in revenge for the arrest of the leader of the "Muslim Unity" TalehBagirzade.The authors of the statement emphasize that Safarov has nothing to do with the "Muslim Unity".The Movement also stated that it stands for democratic methods of struggle and condemns violence in any manifestation.The authors of the statement called provocation the statement of the security structures, in which theMovement "Muslim Unity" is connected with the attempt on the life of Veliyev. As a result of the armed attack on July 3, Veliyev and his bodyguard were wounded.The investigation arresteda native of Ganja, Russian citizen YunisSafarov who opened fire at Veliyev and his bodyguard. -06D-

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