The prosecutor"s office can not explain crime DES

There is no crime in the actions of DES, said the lawyer Irada Javadova commenting Turan  a message of  prosecutors and police about the arrest of the company's management. "Message from  prosecutors and police  of Baku gives no grounds for criminal prosecution of fraud. There is not crime: no victims or complainants.

The building has been constructed, there is no information about assigning someone else's money, property. In this case, the question arises on what grounds a lawsuit has been filed," said Irada Javadova.

A lawsuit has been filed against the LLC "DES"  under the  Article 178.3.2 (fraud with  a large scaledamage) of the Criminal Code. Officials LLC Haji Asaf-Ismailov, Samedov and Orhan Farkhadov were arrested July 16 as suspects. This was reported a few days ago, the city prosecutor.

 Some media  reported that the real reason for the arrest  became the  interests of the monopolies that control the construction sector Gilles. They cannot afford  to the  market those who build housing at a price of 380 manat per square meter,  that is by  4-5 times cheaper than monopolists-oligarchs.

 The day before  the arrest the  leaders of  «DES» held a press conference  and   proposed to create a building society to build an economic housing for people evicted from the former Sovetskaya Street.

CEO "Des Consulting" Asif Haji-Ismailov said that the 16-storey 10-block  flat  is to be  constructed  in the  village of  Ahmedli, and 810 families  will be located in the building.

   After the formation of 80% of equity fund project,  a selected construction company  "Həyat İnşaat" will begin construction.  After 18 months the building will be put into operation. At a press conference  it became known that the company does not intend to buy a land for the construction of a new building. Baku Mayor's Office was asked to identify the land.

    However, all these plans did not come true,  the next day  prosecutors and police accused Baku Ltd. "DES" of  fraud.

" By taking advantage of gullible citizens, they intended to seize large sums  by placing unrealistic ads. During a search  in  the office were found and confiscated documents, seal, stamp, application forms, charts, computers, signed the purchase agreement in the amount of 65,000 manat and 25,000 manat, and up to 20 relevant applications from citizens," reads the information from the prosecutors.

However, there is not any information about the complainant and deceived persons, or whose property the officials  of "DES"wanted to misappropriate.  

Assistant prosecutor of Baku ,Gunel Mamedova, failed to respond to a request from Turan, noting that the investigation is ongoing, and the information in the media about the role of monopolies in the arrest of leadership "DES" has no foundation. "The  joint statement of the prosecutor's office and PMU contains enough information about the reasons for the detention officers  of the LLC “DES,” she said. -03B04-

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