"Norm Sement" meets the most tough environmental standards of the EU

In the construction of a cement plant «Norm sement» with a capacity of 5 tons of clinker per day and 2 million tons of cement per year were  invested $ 350 million. Opening a factory built in the village Gizildash  in the Garadagh district of Baku took place  on July 21 with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev.

The main technological equipment factory producing cement by  dry method were presented by the famous  German companies  HAZEMAG, Gebr. Pfeiffer, Claudius Peters, Haver & Boecker and Siemens, French - Fives Pillard, Netherlands - Phillips and other leading European manufacturers, the company said Norm.

The enterpris eapplies  system "by-pass", which allow the exclusion in the kiln system from raw materials harmful impurities alkali, chlorine and sulfur. This system was first used in the Caucasus and Caspian regions.

   The Head of State in connection with environmental protection was also informed that modern dust filters were installed in the  factory. These membrane filters allow  to provide the amount of clean gas dust content of less than 30 mq/Nm3, which meets the most stringent EU standards.

  In the construction of the plant were  set up facilities to improve the infrastructure. Thus,  on the Baku-Salyan highway was built asphalt road is 10 km long. LEP voltage 110 kW 15 km long.

In addition, the water pipeline laid 10 km.,  and gaspipeline   lasting  10 km , and systems to protect against mudslides, electrical substation were built; 350 jobs were opened at the enterpise. Another 150 people are employed in the fields of raw materials and other ancillary areas. There is also  dining area and a medical center in the enterprise.

In collaboration with renowned German VDZ Research Institute is monitored the process, and finished goods and raw materials samples are  sent for testing in lobaratories in Dyussldorfe. All factory-manufactured products are certified VDZ.

 The Norm company also became a member of the European Academy of Cement Research (ECRA).

After reviewing equipped SIEMENS automatic control system  the head of state gave a starts  to the plant, and watched the launch of the production process through the monitors.

President Aliyev called the commissioning of the plant “Norm Sementasignificant event in the country's industry, and wished success to the enterprise. -06D-

* * *

Opening ceremony of the  cement plant  of the Norm company  took place in the village of  Gizildash with  the participation of the head of state. .

According to the Minister of Industry and Economics, Shahin Mustafayev, production capacity is 5000 tons of clinker per day, and 2 million tons of cement per year.

This company is the largest cement plant in the South Caucasus. The factory uses modern technologies and equipment from leading manufacturers in Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The enterprise employs 400 people, and 100-150 people were involved in commodity fisheries. The plant also is the only company in the region, producing oil well cement, used in the construction of offshore structures. -1606C-

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