The trial on the attempt on the head of Ganja

Baku / 07.01.20 / Turan: A trial has begun  in the Sabunchi district court on the person accused of attempting to assassinate the former head of the executive branch of Ganja, Elmar Veliyev, Unis Safarov and 11 others. The case is being examined by the Ganja Serious Crimes Court, chaired by Muhammad Bagirov.

Safarov, who is accused of committing a planned attack against the head of Ganja and a police officer, refused a lawyer appointed by him by the state. He also indicated that after his arrest he was never allowed to meet with family members and contact them by telephone. Further, spoke  Famil Shukurov the  lawyer of the accused Jeyhun Gurbanov.

“During the investigation, I applied for verification of correspondence from Jeyhun Gurbanov’s mobile phone. The prosecution claims that Jeykhun transmitted information to Safarov from this phone, but our request was not approved,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer also noted that his client has suffered from epilepsy since childhood and that he had convulsions during his stay in custody 7-8 times. He requested a medical examination.

Another lawyer, Fariz Namazly, protested that the defendants were handcuffed in the courtroom, pointing out that this was not necessary. The defendants themselves also demanded to remove the handcuffs from them.

The accused Hamlet Abdullaev stated that the first group is disabled from birth.

“It’s hard for us to breathe in the hall. At least take off the handcuffs from Jeyhun and me. Both of us have a sore heart,” Abdullaev said.

The accused Firudin Zeynalov asked the judge why the process was conducted not in Ganja, but in Baku.

State Prosecutor Parviz Mirgashimov opposed the removal of handcuffs, noting that the defendants had committed serious crimes and could cause bodily harm.

Lawyers also requested that the case be returned to the preliminary investigation due to gross violations of the law during the investigation, a change in the preventive measure and the release of the accused during the trial. The court adjourned until January 8.

* According to the prosecution, Yunis Safarov, being a representative of foreign radical religious circles, committed a pre-planned attack on July 3, 2018 in the city of Ganja against the head of the city’s executive branch and a police officer.

He and other persons involved in the case are accused of terrorism with the aim of forcibly changing the constitutional system of Azerbaijan and creating a Sharia state, creating illegal armed groups, illegal possession of weapons, attempted murder of police officers with aggravating circumstances and statesmen with the aim of revenge, anti-state calls and other serious crimes . -30C06-


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