Twenty-nine New Cases of COVID-19, Third Death 

Baku / 26.03.20 / Turan: Twenty-nine new cases of the COVID-19 infection were detected in Azerbaijan. A third case of death of the infected was recorded, according to the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.
It is the death of a citizen of Azerbaijan (born in 1961), who returned from Turkey on March 12 and was admitted to a special regime hospital with high fever and difficulties in breathing. Examination of the patient revealed chronic bronchitis. The taken tests for Corona Virus gave a positive result.

Rehabilitation measures taken to stabilize the patient's condition did not yield results. Currently, his relatives and people with whom the patient had contacted are being established. All of them are quarantined.
At the same time, five people with COVID-19 recovered in the special treatment hospital and were discharged home.
Currently, 104 patients with the Corona Virus are under special treatment in hospital. The condition of five of them is assessed as serious, 9 cases are of moderate severity, and the condition of the rest is stable.
Over the past period, 20,000 tests were conducted to identify patients with the Corona Virus in Azerbaijan.
Currently, cases of the Corona Virus infection in Azerbaijan are detected among people who arrived in the country from abroad, and at those that have been transmitted the infection within the country. In addition, cases of infection among people in the regions of the country have already begun to be recorded.
In this regard, the Operational Headquarters urges people to observe measures of self-isolation, to leave home only when absolutely necessary, not to visit crowded places and to observe a special quarantine regime.
Earlier, two people died from the infection in Azerbaijan. Ten people recovered.  –06D-

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