What is the reason for the high cost of the Internet in Azerbaijan?

Baku/21.08.19/Turan: On May 10, the Internet monopolist, Delta Telekom LTD, announced that it was launching a discount campaign of up to 70% of the cost of Internet providers, reported the company's website. Suppliers who want to take advantage of this offer should offer users a discount on services and guarantee high quality Internet. This campaign will also affect mobile operators, the report said.

However, despite the months past since the announcement, the implementation of these promises is not observed either in prices or in the quality of the Internet.

The answer of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies to Turan"s request was that the state does not regulate prices and services, and this issue is within the competence of Delta Telecom LTD. The company itself, in turn, was informed that the goal of the announced campaign was to improve the quality of Internet services and ensure affordable prices. At the same time, Delta Telecom was not able to provide information about the implementation of the announced campaign,

Referring to a trade secret. Delta Telecom LTD added that the offer is not limited and there will be additional discounts in the future.

Provider companies such as Connect LLC, Baku Telephone Communications LLC and Azstarnet LLC told Turan that they offer various discounts on the Internet, but did not answer the question about a discount of up to 70%, announced by the monopolist Delta Telecom LTD.

"As far as I know, Internet service providers did not support the Delta Telecom LTD discount campaign," said Osman Gunduz, an expert in turn. According to him, in the Internet market, prices are set by some providers that have "special rights". In Azerbaijan, more than 50% of the market belongs to state providers, which subordinate to the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies. Therefore, they will not support the Delta Telecom initiative without appropriate instructions, the expert noted.

Internet prices in Azerbaijan range from 15 to 1900 manat depending on speed and limit. According to a rating compiled by an international body (Cable, Cable.co.uk), in 2018 Azerbaijan ranked 135th with an average Internet speed of 2.52 Mbps among 200 countries. In the CIS, only Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan are ahead. -21B-

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