Budget implementation deferred to the end of the year

Three quarters of the fiscal year, filled with a surplus of 1 377 100 000 manat (3.1% of GDP).

According to the Ministry of Finance, by October 1, the state budget revenues amounted to 14 070 ​​600 000 manat, and the expenses were 12 693 500 000 manat. Forecast for the revenue was exceeded (+ 1.2%), expenses - not fulfilled by 14%.

Excluding traditional transfer through the State Oil Fund - 7 399 700 000 manat (52.6%), the figures are as follows: the Tax Ministry put into the state treasury 5 324 400 000 manat, the State Customs Committee provided 1134.9 million AZN (the plan was fulfilled by 100.1%), and the rest was other income.

According to the Ministry of Finance, for the first 9 months of 2014 the volume of budget expenditures on defense spheres increased by 15.2%, health care – by 9.2%, social protection and social security - by 8.4%, housing and communal services - by 24.6%, and education - 8%. In the structure of expenditure levels of social spending were at 4 billion 19.4 million manat (specific weight - 31.7%), which is 14.9% more than the same period last year.

In January-September 2014 from the state capital investments 1 401.2 million manat was invested in the construction and reconstruction of social and sports infrastructure, construction of houses, another 2 729 100 000 manat - the construction and reconstruction of energy facilities, water supply, gas supply, transport, utilities and drainage.

The funding in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was 44.4 million manat.

Azerbaijan's state budget for 2014 was approved with revenue 18 384 million manat, expenses – 20 063 million manat with a deficit of 1 679 million manat or 2.87% of GDP. There is still a surplus, which will lead to an emergency disbursement and poor quality of construction companies working on government contracts. --17D-

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