Budget investments in transport in 2015 will amount to 1.28 billion manat

The share of transport in the total cost of public investment program for 2015 will be 26.57%.

According to the head of the Transport Ministry of Azerbaijan, Ziya Mammadov at the international conference "The railway line Baku-Tbilisi-Kars - new opportunities in the development of the Silk Road," for these purposes will be allocated 2.24 billion manat (854.58 million AZN of that due to foreign loans, 111,490,000 AZN - from the State Oil Fund, and 1 273 930 000 AZN - at the expense of the state budget).

The official also called the deadline (2017) for the completion of the construction and reconstruction of highways of international importance. "This work will serve as the facilitation of road transport, both local and international importance, which will ensure the safety of road users," he said.

According to him, out of the total funds invested in the economy of Azerbaijan, 20% were in the transport sector. --17D-

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