Coming checks in regions

The Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan (ACA) started check in the use of budgetary funds allocated to the Executive Power of the Agsu district.

According to the report of the meeting of the ACA Board on September 22, the purpose of the audit is to check the state of housing and communal services, targeted use of public capital investments and reserve funds allocated to social infrastructure projects in the region.

In addition, the approved audit program has targeted the use of budgetary funds allocated to the Center of Social Welfare Sabunchu district of Baku and the Public Service of Social Security. In addition, the SPA check forecasting and use of funds allocated for the maintenance of the Office of Hydrometeorology of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan, accountable to the country's parliament, has been effective since December 7, 2001 as the authority controlling the budget of Azerbaijan.

Senior officials (members of the College, which consists of the chairman, his deputy auditors and 7) are elected every 7 years.

The Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan, as a rule, is limited to generalities about the board meeting, without giving specific figures and data. According to Article 6.0.3 of the Law "On receiving information" ("Basic principles of information"), the disclosure of information on budget revenues and expenditures is the responsibility of government agencies, including the Chamber of Accounts. --17D-

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