Financial Report by Gunay Sigorta

The authorized capital of the insurance company Gunay Sigorta at the end of last year increased 650 thousand manats, amounting to 4 million 200 thousand 542 manats.

Total revenue for last year amounted to 717.45 thsd manat. Of the funds received 454.91 thsd manat fell directly on the collection of premiums for all types of insurance.

This is the result of last year's audit of the company. Net loss in the financial structure of last year was 2.63 million manat - Turan was reported in the company. Commission from the transfer of funds to reinsurance amounted to 74.85 million manat, and investment income - 69.38 million manat.

The company's expenses in 2012 amounted to 720.08 thsd manat. The volume of insurance payments last year amounted to 140.81 thsd manat, and to conduct insurance business - 159.52 thousand manats. The costs of the risks transferred to reinsurance amounted to 364.18 thsd manat, and there are other non-essential spending items.

Last year, the company's assets increased by 644 thsd to 4 million 795.49 thousand manats, liabilities - to 600.86 thsd manat, and equity - to 4,194.64 thsd manats.

During the reporting period, the volume of deposits placed in banks has grown significantly - up to 4.3 million manat.

This insurance company was founded in 1992 and provides services for 15 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.

In 2008 it was granted a license for perpetual activity.

In August 2010, the Turkish co-owners of Gunay Anadolu Sigorta sold their shares of the owner to the local majority, resulting in "dropping" the word Anadolu from the name.

The authorized capital of the company is 4.2 million manat. The founders of the company are Gunay Bank (65.4% of shares) and two individuals. - 17D-


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