Insurer spent 25,000 euros on tourist"s surgical operation

The insurance company Ateshgah for an occurrence in the travel insurance has made a large payment in the amount of 25,000 euros.

According to the press service, during his stay in Spain an insured person fell and received a fracture of the femoral neck. The company Ateshgah covered the costs of surgery and completed the patient transportation home. The costs of these measures amounted to EUR 25 000.

Today purchasing insurance policy people traveling abroad (travel insurance) is becoming increasingly important. The purchase of such insurance policy guarantees the insured person the necessary financial protection when they need emergency medical care during their stay in foreign countries.

The insurance group Ateshgah provides clients with services for 32 types of insurance and includes the insurance company Ateshgah and the insurance company Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta together with the medical clinic Intermed.

The group of companies was established in late 1996 and has been active since January 1997.

The total authorized capital is 7.8 million manat.

The shareholders are ISR Holding Limited and the company RAN-Eksim. - 17D-


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