Mobile application from insurers

The State Insurance Supervision Service under the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan recommended that insurance companies develop a specialized mobile app.

As the head of Azerbaijan Insurers Association (AIA) Orkhan Bayramov told Turan, such a proposal was made by the head of the Insurance Supervision Namik Khalilov at a meeting with the heads of insurance companies.

"Special application can be a tool for the implementation of products and satisfaction of customer complaints. In other words, when an insured event takes place, the insured person will be able for a few seconds to issue a contract for the damages and to send it to the insurance company," said Bayramov.

According to him, the mobile application will be created in collaboration with the insurance companies, because it affects insurance procedures.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the AIA plans to create a mobile application information, which will include the full information about insurance, legislation, tariffs and other information promoting and enabling insurance, he added. --17D-

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