NFES Decided on Business in Goranboy Region

The desired types of business in the Goranboy region have been specified. As stated in the declaration of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES), the Fund will consider advantageous projects to create farms of intensive fishing, beekeeping and livestock breeding for dairy cattle, enterprises for the production of cladding and roofing on the basis of plaster, and a three-star hotel.

Holders of such documented projects will have priority in consultation with the authorized credit organizations. With a little luck, banks can give them loans of up to the full cost of the projects.

NFES at the Ministry of Economy and Industry was established in 1992. Sixty banks and micro-finance organizations work as its agents. Last year, 295 million AZN was allocated for the needs of entrepreneurs. Allocation of 220 million manats is planned this year. --17D-

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