Number of ATMs and POS Terminals Decreases

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) reports that in Azerbaijan 1 June, there were 2,573 ATM (minus 4.5% to the beginning of the year). Most of them (1,421) were in Baku, and the rest 1,152 - in areas of the country.

While during the First European Games increase in the number of POS terminals was recorded in June of last year (+ 6.9%), now their total number is 73,945 (minus 7.9% to the beginning of the year) on all trading facilities and services. In Baku they are 42,708 (minus 12.7%), and in the regions - 31,237 (minus 0.5%). Almost all of them (98.2%) operate in the retail trade facilities (72,636). --17D-

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