Optional property insurance

State Medical University will not receive compensation for property damage during a fire - the structure of the university is not insured. The Vice Rector for Administration and Property Aydin Veliyev declined to comment for journalists on the reasons of denial of compulsory insurance.

Recall , March 1, in the university dormitory fire occurred in one of the rooms on the fourth floor . Burned everything, including the design , on an area of 15 square meters . According to the MOE , neighboring houses and other buildings were not affected .

The AR Law "On mandatory insurance " that came into force in mid- September 2011 , in 2013 was expanded with additions and changes . According to this, it is obligatory insurance of buildings owned by individuals and legal entities, residential and non-residential buildings , houses and buildings, apartments , as well as state property , the list of which is determined by the relevant executive authority.

Today Azerbaijan is not insured thousands of buildings owned by the government and government agencies and their leadership does not communicate with insurance agents .

During the flood in 7 regions of the country in May 2010, the property lost tens of thousands of families. Thousands of families are faced with a similar problem during an earthquake a year later in the Sheki- Balaken economic region . The government has not issued or injured or betrayed meager compensation . There is still litigation on appeal.

Authorities in respect of the principal citizens , not force , as in the case of the medical university , government agencies to enter into a binding contract of property insurance .

By law, the compulsory insurance of immovable property used for the purpose of compensation for damage caused due to damage , destruction or other loss of property due to fire or other circumstances. It guarantees compensation for damage caused structural elements , premises , including door and window designs , including glass pipes for water, sewers and gas , as well as the heating system , communication wires , electrical and other wires , elements of decoration , including all types of external or internal plastering , walls, ceiling and floor.

According to the law , not subject to compulsory insurance property , built in places that are not permitted by law AR , real estate, for which there is a formal decision on the demolition , as well as unfinished or are in disrepair property . - 17D-

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