Six twin companies created

A group of companies Dekot, which consists of six companies, has been established in Azerbaijan. Before on this same principle there were created three groups of companies. At the same time they are all located on the same address: Baku, 9 Suleyman Rustam Street.

According to the Ministry of Taxes, the main type of business companies Dekot Group, Dekot Capital, Dekot House, Dekot Mart, Dekot Property and Dekot Pact is property management. By the same principle in the fourth quarter of last year were formed the companies Blossom Group, Platek Group and Asset Group. Leader of the new group is Said Huseyn Oglu Aliyev, who previously worked in the Ministry of Taxes. He's in one form or another is presented in other companies - twins. Registration took place in April. This information is made ​​public in late May.

The authorized capital of each company is 10,000 manat.

Note that all of these companies are located in the business center owned by JSC AtaHolding. However, the new companies are close to JSC Synergy Group. -08B-

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