The number of migrant workers in three times the stated figures

As of April 1, 17 475 foreign migrant workers deduct funds for compulsory social insurance in the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF). This is 2.2% or 377 more than at the beginning of the year.

According to the fund, 89.7% male migrant workers, only 10.3 % are women. The foreigners registered in SSPF are from 101 countries for which the individual accounts of social insurance, where the accumulated contributions to the mandatory social insurance.

Most migrants come from Turkey ( 10 063 persons), Georgia ( 1912 ) and Russia (919) .They are followed by Iran ( 570) , India (432 ), China ( 417) , United Kingdom ( 257 ) , Uzbekistan ( 202 ), Bangladesh ( 190 ), Pakistan ( 158 ), etc.

The process of attracting foreign nationals working in the country, to pay contributions for compulsory social insurance was launched in January 2006.

According to the head of the NGO Center for Migration Aliovsat Aliyev, the number of migrant workers is tens of thousands, many of whom are illegals. While Labor Inspectorate of the relevant ministry and the State Migration Service identify enterprises with 200-300 illegal migrant workers, but fine the employers just for violation of only one of these facts . It is profitable for employers saving contributory in SSPF, resulting in underpayment to the budget and violating the human rights of the migrants.

In 2013, the migration service was requested by 70 thousand people, but most were denied legalization. That is, every 5 of 7 potential migrants were denied, fined or deported. Fines are profitable for the service as a quarter of these funds come at its disposal. In addition, many Azerbaijanis, who fled Iran, are deprived of their rights without even a "road map". In the same position are Azerbaijanis who had moved from Georgia - they are citizens of this country, therefore, they cannot get Azerbaijani citizenship. However, they own real estate in Baku, which is registered here, their children learn in schools and universities of Azerbaijan and even serve in the army of our country. - 17D-

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