Wealthy families in Azerbaijan become fewer

Baku/13.05.14/Turan : The share of wealthy families ( with incomes over 300 manat per month per family member) in Azerbaijan in 2013 amounted to 5.2 %. This is 0.2% point less than in 2012 . Meanwhile, the number of citizens with incomes over 300 manat increased from 3.2% to 5.4% , the State Statistics Committee told Turan .

The fact is that in Azerbaijan the income of families in the classification of upper scale is at 300 manat. First, the lower level of per capita income is 95AZN, the second is 100 AZN and so on incrementally for each scale rise by 10 manat. Incomes of the population have been identified on the basis of research State Statistics Committee household income.

If you follow this classification, the most relatively wealthy are accumulated in the capital Baku: in Baku 11.1% earn more than 300 manats per family member. This is a 0.6 % strength point higher than the previous year. In general, in the capital of 43% of households earn from AZN 200 and up per family member. Average families with incomes above 200 manat per capita in the country is 28.3% .

Baku is also among the first ones in the number of families with incomes up to 100 manat per family member – 0.7%. The national average of families with incomes from 1 to 100 manat is 0.5%. It is noteworthy that in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, in contrast to other regions of the country , no families earning less than 105 per month manat.

Wealthy by Azerbaijani standards are fewer in the Upper Shirvan economic region - 1.2 % of the total number of families. Moreover, during the year, the number fell by 0.8 % strength point.

Certain changes were outlined in 2013 in the structure of families earning between 100 and 200 manat and 200 to 300 manat per month per member. If in 2012 the share entire families earning from 100 to 200 manat per month was 75.3%, but last year this figure dropped to 65.6 %. There are more families who earn between 200 and 300 manats a month - 23.1 % of households (in 2012 - 19.4%). - 08B-

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