Фото из открытых источников

Фото из открытых источников

Baku / 12.05.17 / Turan: During two meetings of the Creditors' Committee of the Bank Standard in the process of liquidation, it turned out that the bank does not have enough healthy assets to repay the debt to the Deposit Insurance Fund (ADIF) itself, not to mention the next stage of creditors. This was reported to Turan by the Chairman of the Committee of Creditors, bank expert Akram Hasanov.

The amount of healthy assets of the bank, according to the Deposit Insurance Fund itself, does not exceed 400 million manats, but according to the audit company KPMG, healthy assets are half that. It also became clear that the total amount of Bank Standard's liabilities is at the level of 1 billion 200 million manats. The Insurance Fund finally announced the number of legal entities and individuals that provided money to the bank - this largest financial institution has 150 thousand creditors.

In the meantime, Bank Standard should pay 445 million manats only to the Insurance Fund. Recall that ADIF borrowed these funds in the Central Bank to compensate for the insured deposits, and now the money has to be returned to the country's main bank. The latest data on healthy assets of Bank Standard in comparison with the scale of liabilities give grounds to say that the funds of the failed bank will not suffice to repay the obligations to the creditor of the first stage - the Deposit Insurance Fund.

"According to the law On Banks, there is a turn of creditors in the liquidation of the bank. According to the sequence in which the requirements are met, the state is second in line and only in the fifth turn the bank is responsible for the obligations of individuals, legal entities, companies and other creditors. Executive director of the Insurance Fund Azad Javadov admitted that the bank's healthy assets are not enough to pay off liabilities to other creditors," Hasanov said, noting that the bank's property worth about 30 million manat was mortgaged in the Central Bank of the country.

It also turned out that unsecured loans issued by the bank amounted to 443 million manats out of 800 million manats of the total loan portfolio.

The Deposit Insurance Fund did not provide financial statements and the bank"s liquidation plan, but the lenders intend to obtain full information about the financial situation of Bank Standard. Such a decision was unanimously adopted at the last meeting of the Committee.

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