Maxim Kuzminov. Screenshot

Maxim Kuzminov. Screenshot

Confirmation of Kuzminov's death came from the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who disclosed that the pilot had been found shot dead in Spain. According to a source within the GUR, Kuzminov's lifeless body was discovered at his residence, seemingly the victim of a fatal gunshot wound. The circumstances surrounding his death raise more questions than answers, with reports suggesting a burnt-out car was found nearby, possibly linked to the incident.

While the Ukrainian authorities have confirmed Kuzminov's death, their Spanish counterparts have yet to corroborate the information. The Civil Guard in Spain is reportedly investigating the matter, with uncertainties surrounding the authenticity of the documents found with Kuzminov, which may have been falsified.

Kuzminov's journey from Russia to Ukraine in September 2023 captured international attention, as he hijacked a military helicopter and sought refuge in the neighboring country's war-torn region. Ukrainian media reported that Kuzminov had made contact with the country's intelligence service and was promised security guarantees and monetary rewards in exchange for his defection.

However, Russian state media painted a different picture, alleging that Kuzminov's actions resulted in the deaths of his fellow crew members. In a chilling broadcast on Rossiya 1 TV channel, individuals claiming to be special forces soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces ominously declared that Kuzminov "would not live to see the trial."

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