МККК в Украине.  blogs.icrc.org

МККК в Украине. blogs.icrc.org

Baku/24.04.22/Turan: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it was deeply alarmed by the situation in Mariupol, where the population is in dire need of help. For the voluntary safe exit from the city, including from the territory of the Azovstal plant, thousands of civilians and hundreds of wounded need immediate provision of unhindered humanitarian access.

Since the end of February, the ICRC has been working tirelessly to help civilians in need in Mariupol and other cities from which they cannot get out. He has repeatedly called for the provision of opportunities for the safe exit of the civilian population from these areas, as well as for the granting of permission for the delivery of impartial humanitarian aid there, recalling the need to respect the principles of humanity and international humanitarian law.

As a neutral and impartial mediator, the ICRC stated that it is ready to help the parties to the conflict agree on practical and enforceable agreements to ensure voluntary evacuation to those in need. Teams of workers are stationed on the ground to facilitate a safe exit as soon as such an agreement and security guarantees are concluded, the ICRC statement says.-0—

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