Владимир Зелеский (второй справа) и Марк Рютте (третий справа) осматривают F-16  Фото: Piroschka van de Wouw, Reuters

Владимир Зелеский (второй справа) и Марк Рютте (третий справа) осматривают F-16 Фото: Piroschka van de Wouw, Reuters

kommersant.ru: During a meeting between Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a significant announcement was made that the Netherlands and Denmark will provide F-16 fighter jets to Kiev, as reported by the Associated Press. President Zelensky relayed in a Telegram post that the transfer of 42 aircraft is contingent upon Ukrainian pilots completing their training to operate them effectively.

Nonetheless, Reuters has indicated that the exact number of aircraft set to be conveyed to Kiev remains uncertain. As it stands, the Netherlands possesses a fleet of 42 F-16 fighters; however, the full extent of their transfer to Ukraine is yet to be determined. President Zelensky lauded the agreement as a "breakthrough" but confirmed that the precise number of planes to be delivered will be deliberated "at a later date," according to the Reuters report.

Notably, Prime Minister Rutte's declaration coincided with an inspection of two gray F-16 aircraft alongside President Zelensky. These fighter planes were positioned within a hangar at a southern Dutch air force base in Eindhoven, where the high-level meeting between the leaders took place. The Associated Press underscores that the delivery of the F-16s is conditional on the fulfillment of unspecified prerequisites.

The Danish Foreign Ministry, as conveyed on the X social network (formerly Twitter), underscored that certain conditions must be met prior to the aircraft transfer. These conditions encompass resolving matters related to documentation, infrastructure, and logistical considerations.

Today, on August 20, President Zelensky, accompanied by First Lady Olena Zelenska and his delegation, arrived in the Netherlands for discussions with Prime Minister Rutte. The agenda included deliberations on the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Kiev and a broader "peace summit."

Earlier, on August 18, US authorities affirmed their commitment to transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine through European Union countries once Ukrainian pilots have completed their training. Reports from Western media suggest that pilot training may span approximately a year. Ukrainian officials have expressed optimism that these Western aircraft will bolster their capacity to undertake a successful counteroffensive.

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