A group of socio-political activists established the “Platform III Republic”

A group of socio-political activists established the “Platform III Republic”

Baku/08.12.23/Turan: On December 7, a group of socio-political activists announced the creation of the Platform III Republic structure.  The goal is the establishment of a genuine republican system in Azerbaijan.

“The liberation of the territories of Azerbaijan that have been under occupation for about 30 years and the restoration of the country's integrity create new realities in connection with the future socio-political panorama of the country. It is no secret that the main leading actors on the current political scene of Azerbaijan, whether the ruling power or its opponents, appeared in the context of the Karabakh issue,” the platform said in a press release.

However, the issue of the political and moral legitimacy of the government has not been resolved.

“The ruling Yeni Azerbaijan party has consistently rigged about 20 elections during its time in power,” the document says. The authorities attributed the suppression of democracy, free media and civil society to the country's being in a state of war and the unresolved Karabakh problem.

The restoration of sovereignty over Karabakh eliminated the main argument of the government. For those who entered politics on the crest of the Karabakh conflict, the political era has ended.  Nevertheless, for both the ruling political force and its opponents, nationalism and statism remain the main ideological identity, which fuels the strengthening of authoritarianism.

“We believe that in such a reality there is a need for the emergence of a new political force with an excellent agenda. This agenda can be conditionally called the “Post-Karabakh agenda,” the document says.

The leading elements of the new agenda should be the rejection of radical statist political thinking and the transition to a modern democratic system, restoring confidence in elections through decentralization, eliminating imbalances in regional development and improving living conditions, eliminating income inequality and corruption, and reducing the effects of climate change.

“The post-Karabakh period will soon be replaced by a post-oil one and it may become difficult for Azerbaijan due to deep socio-economic problems,” the statement said. For the transition from an authoritarian political system to a democratic one, the Platform of the Third Republic is being created.

Its main activity will be the formation of public opinion on crucial issues for the country through the active participation of citizens and ensuring fundamental human rights and freedoms. The initiators of the platform invite everyone who shares its ideas and goals to participate.

“Our mission is to ensure the transition from a managed society to a self-managed one. We are convinced that this mission will receive the support of progressive-minded citizens,” the conclusion says. The working staff of the platform included political and public activists: Akif Gurbanov, Araz Aliyev, Elman Fattah, Rovshan Aghayev, Ruslan Izzatli, Samad Rahimli and Yadigyar Sadigly. Akif Gurbanov was elected as the head of the team for a year.

In the coming days, the platforms will announce the main directions and methods of their activities. –06B-

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