Aliyevs Have Nothing to Do with Independence of Azerbaijan - Ali Kerimli

Baku / 11.05.17 / Turan: "The latest statement of Ilham Aliyev against the opposition is a repetition of the lie stated several years ago. Apparently, he thinks that if you repeat the lie, it will become more convincing."

This was stated by the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli, commenting on for Turan IA the insulting statements by the head of state expressed on May 10 during his official speech.

Attempts to dump all problems from a sick head to a healthy one are futile. Millions of people witnessed how Heydar Aliyev surrendered six districts to the Armenians, while Shusha and Lachin were occupied before the Popular Front government came to power.

"During the period of the Popular Front government, 40% of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh was liberated, and the Agdere district was almost completely cleared of the invaders.

With our authority, only one region was lost - Kalbajar, and this was done with the support of Russia to overthrow our government.

When this happened, Heydar Aliyev came to power and, through his mediocre policy and administration, he surrendered 6 districts around Karabakh, as well as the Agdere district.

Therefore, Ilham Aliyev will not be able to falsify the newest history of the country," Ali Kerimli said.

It would be better if he explained to the public why he stopped the army offensive in April 2016. In one of his speeches, Aliyev said he did so at the request of the Armenian side. Since when has the Supreme Commander-in-chief of Azerbaijan executed the Armenians' requests?" Kerimli said ironically.

Concerning Aliyev's statements that the opposition is the fifth column that has been sold for foreign money and is the enemy of the nation, Kerimli said such an abnormal attitude towards its citizens is a conscious policy of the country's leadership and it was formed precisely by the first person of the state.

In addition, Aliyev's speech should be viewed from a psychological point of view. "He talks about what he does not have. Neither Ilham Aliyev, nor his father, nor the members of the present government participated in the struggle for the independence of Azerbaijan. This was done exactly by those whom Aliyev now calls "enemies of the nation". He inherited power, and here he tries to look more solid, accusing us of betrayal," Kerimli concluded. -05D-

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