Anar Mammadov is reelected in absentia head of the Elections Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center

On July 24  a  meeting of the Elections Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDSC) elected  board members.  The session reelected  Anar Mammadov, who is serving his prison sentence, a chairman  of the EMDSC. Vice-Chairmen was elected  the convicted  Bashir Suleymanli  and Samir Kazimly.

 The EMDSC promotes  in Azerbaijan free, fair and transparent elections and civil society development. This NGO was established on December 1, 2008 on the basis of the liquidated on May 14 the same year, the Election Monitoring Center. Despite numerous appeals to the Justice  the EMDSC was not  registered.

Since 2001  the EMDSC conducted monitoring of  12 presidential, parliamentary, and municipal elections and referendums in Azerbaijan.

 Totally the EMDSC conducted more than 600 training sessions for 13,000local observers, implemented projects  for enlightening electors and increasing their activity.

 The EMDSC is a member of the European network monitoring organizations (ENEMO) and other international organizations.

*  On 26 May the head  of the EMDSC,  Anar Mammadov, was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison, Bashir Suleymanli to  3.5 years. For the same period was conditionally sentenced the head of the Public Association for International Cooperation Volunteers, Elnur Mammadov. They were found guilty of tax evasion, illegal business, assignment, etc.

According to human rights defenders , the true reason for their prosecution is  the conclusion on rigged presidential elections in Azerbaijan in October 2013. -06D06-

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