Baku Again Reacts to International Criticism in Ali Hasanov Style

Baku / 28.03.20 / Turan: The Assistant to the President of the country for international politics Hikmet Hajiyev criticized PACE rapporteurs for Azerbaijan. Earlier, the speakers criticized the appeal of the head of state Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of Novruz, where he declared the opposition “enemies” of Azerbaijan and called them a “fifth column” receiving money from abroad. He threatened to impose a state of emergency and punish “national traitors”.

Responding to these allegations, Hajiyev said that in his appeal, Ilham Aliyev offered the opposition parties a dialogue. The new composition of the parliament also testifies to the “formation of a new political configuration in Azerbaijan,” he said.

“Why do PACE speakers and others do not want to see this? - Because these people are engaged in fraud and manipulation. They always had a negative attitude towards our country.

If PACE rapporteurs S. Evarsdottir, S. Schennach and R. Gale are engaged in falsification, then future cooperation with them is in question,” Hajiyev said.

However, the final sentence of his commentary to the AzerTac news agency is particularly original: “Apparently, some people who call themselves PACE rapporteurs are seriously concerned that Azerbaijan is taking proactive steps on the recommendation of WHO with a view to protecting citizens.”

Until recently, only one person expressed himself in such an extraordinary style in the country's leadership - the notorious Ali Hasanov, the previous assistant to the head of state.   -02D-


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