Defense of Mehman Aliyev to Appeal to European Court of Human Rights (UPDATED)

Baku / 30.08.17 / Turan: The arrest of the Director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev is absolutely illegal, the lawyer Fariz Namazli stated, commenting on the rejection of the appeal against the journalist"s arrest.

According to him, the defense proved in the court that the prosecution was fabricated.

As Namazli noted, there is not even a solid suspicion in the case for taking Aliyev into custody.

Namazli drew attention to the fact that charges brought against Aliyev are of an economic nature. The lawyer said that he had not yet encountered in his practice cases when such defendants were imprisoned for the period of investigation.

And the arrest of the Director of Turan on these articles confirms that the criminal case is of a political and ordered character.

On the other hand, Namazli continued, the reasons for keeping Aliyev in custody are invalid also from the point of view of Aliyev"s permanent residence and because the address of his work is known. In addition, Aliyev was interrogated several times as a witness and always appeared at the investigation on the first call. The investigation did not even present the assumptions, on which Aliyev could hide from the investigation. In general, the criminal case against Turan Agency is fabricated and the charges against Aliyev are also falsified and illegal.

Aliyev himself, according to Namazli, said in court that his arrest is a political order, and there are no legal grounds for his detention.

The lawyers intend to continue appeals in the order of judicial supervision with a view to releasing Aliyev from custody. At the same time, a complaint will be sent to the European Court of Human Rights on the decision to arrest Aliyev.

Dozens of people came to support the Aliyev in the court - representatives of the intelligentsia, political parties, civil and religious activists.

* Mehman Aliyev was detained on August 24. The next day he was charged under Articles 213.1 (tax evasion), 308.1 (abuse of official powers) and 192.2.2 (illegal business with a large income) of the Criminal Code. The court selected a preventive measure against him in the form of arrest until November 7. Aliyev rejected all the accusations and called them politically motivated.

International organizations condemned Aliyev's arrest and called for his immediate release. The US State Department also called for the immediate release of Mehman Aliyev. Concern about Aliyev"s arrest was expressed by the French and British Foreign Ministries, urging the Azerbaijani authorities to comply with their international obligations in the field of human rights. -0--

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2017 August 30 (Wednesday) 16:10:03

Court of Appeal Leaves Mehman Aliyev in Custody (News Being Updated)

Baku / 30.08.17 / Turan: Baku Appeals Court dismissed the complaint about the arrest of the Director of Turan News Agency, Mehman Aliyev. -0----

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