Karabakh activist proposes Baku to use jointly  the  Sarsang water  reservoir

Baku / 10.04.19 / Turan: Former head of the "government" of Karabakh and leader of the Armenian Free Motherland Party , Araik Harutyunyan, made a proposal to establish stability and lasting peace in the region.

He wrote on his Facebook page that he proposes to make open the airspace of Karabakh for international flights.

In addition, Harutyunyan proposes to use the water resources of the Sarsang reservoir together with Azerbaijan.

In the event of agreement, thousands of hectares of land in the border areas will be irrigated, which will dramatically increase the standard of living of the population.

In his opinion, these proposals could be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Harutyunyan claims that at one time these proposals were submitted to the Azerbaijani authorities through the ICRC and the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, but were rejected by Baku.

The airspace over Karabakh is considered the territory of Azerbaijan and without his consent international flights there are impossible. Baku has repeatedly stated that it will not allow such flights until the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict is resolved. -02D-

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