Six oppositionists arrested on the eve of opposition rally

Baku / 23.09.17 / Turan: On the eve of today's rally of the National Council of Democratic Forces, which is authorized by the authorities, the police arrested six activists.

Among the detainees are members of the Popular Front Party: Ilham Huseyn, Maharram Rza, Bahruz Hasanli, Emil Salimov, Sagif Gurbanov, Agil Maharramov.

The member of the Movement Muslim Unity Ahsan Nuruzade was also detained.

The PFPA leadership of the Turan agency was told that the reason for the detention of activists was not reported, but this is certainly connected with holding an opposition rally.

As for Ahsan Nuruzade, he disappeared on September 19 and only the day before it became known that he was subjected to administrative arrest for 10 days.

At 15:00 at the stadium "Mehsul" in the Yasamal district there will be a rally with a demand to the authorities to give explanations about the illegal spending of almost 3 billion dollars, which were used to bribe foreign politicians and plundered by state officials. -02B-

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