Baku/17.11.21/Turan: Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry published on Wednesday  a list of seven military personnel killed during clashes on the border with Armenia on November 16.

Another 10 people were wounded.

Names of the dead:

- Lietenant Niftaliyev Umud Oruj oglu;

- Warrant Officer Jabbarov Orkhan Khatam oglu;

- sergeant  Aliyev Natig Yusif oglu;

- soldier Aghayev Elchin Marifat oglu;

- soldier Alizadeh Elmin Samir oglu;

- soldier Aliyev Elchin Ramil oglu;

- soldier Khalilov Murad Galib oglu.

The situation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border stabilized since the evening of November 16, the press release says.

The operational situation is controlled by Azerbaijani units.

The military-political leadership of Armenia bears full responsibility for tensions, it said.-06D-

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2021 November 17 (Wednesday) 11:24:11

24 missing, 13 captured and one killed - Armenian losses

Baku/17.11.21/Turan: Armenian losses during yesterday's fighting were 13 prisoners, one killed and 24 missing. This was reported by the Armenian Defense Ministry on Wednesday morning.

The military department also admitted that Armenians lost two dominant positions on the border of Lachin and Syunik.

In the afternoon of November 16, Armenian MP Eduard Aghajanyan told Radio Liberty that the Armenians had 15 dead; however, his words were later disavowed.

The Azerbaijani side did not report any new casualties. As of November 16, it was reported that two soldiers were wounded.

The video footage divulged by the Armenian side shows Armenian soldiers panicking as the Azerbaijani soldiers move, and retreat.-02B-


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