Azer Asgarov promises to punish the Minister of Emergency Situations (MES)

It's the 50th day since the destruction of my house in Talat Shikhaliyev Street.  However, until now I have not received payment, and all my complaints remain unanswered, said at a press conference on Friday in the IRFS the host of the demolished house, Azer Asgarov.

This house, where there was an office PFPA, was demolished on March 3.  The MES advised that after the explosion and fire the building is in emergency. Without waiting for the owner living in Turkey, the authorities demolished the house.

Azer Asgarov himself repeatedly asserted that the true reason for the demolition was giving the house for the PPFA office.

"My brother works as the chief of a department in the MOE, and he has warned me to expelled PPFA, but I did not.

Me and my family were threatened and in Turkey, and these threats against my family continues today," Asgarov said.    He said that his house was demolished for three days, because it was very well built and was not in emergency state.

"Where and in what country you have seen that the authorities demolish the private property of citizens? No one has such a right, neither MES nor the executive power, nor anyone else.  They just take revenge because I have provided space for the PPFA.

I met with Shahmar Ibadov, the first deputy executive of Narimanov District. He promised me to pay 3000 manats per one square meter of demolished houses, if I read out on TV the information they provided.

However, I refused, and he offered me 1500 manats if I sell them non-existent house. "I'll do it, I will sell them destroyed real estate, » said Asgarov.

He also accused the head of MES, Kamaleddin Heydarov, his deputy Orujali Hajiyev and Shahmar Ibadov for troubles, and promised to deal with them manly.

"I am also a veteran, I fought in Sadarak, but unlike a veteran from Agdam region, I will not commit a suicide, I'd rather have my revenge. I am an ordinary citizen and the president must protect my rights; if he does not, then I would not consider him the president," said Asgarov. -04С-

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