"Azerishyg" de-energized Nardaran (UPDATED)

The village of  Nardaran was de-energized  due to the debt of  population to "Azerishyg" , stated  the representative of "Azerishyg." According to him,  the entire population of Nardaran  is  debtors.  He said that even on 20 November all consumers  were warned about the need to pay off debts for electricity. Local residents are outraged by the actions of engineers. "Is it now time to demand  to pay debts  under such a tense situation,"  said one of the Nardaran residents. The bodies of those killed during a special operation have not been given back. Local residents in anticipation of  bodies dug grave in the afternoon. In the central square of Nardaran are still protesting people. De-energizing  the whole village caused  re-growth of tension.-06D--

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2015 November 27 (Friday) 17:31:45

 There is no electricity in the village of Nardaran for more than two hours, according to the locals. They fear that the electricity is turned off intentionally to prepare any provocation. The JSC "Azerishyg"  has not commented on the reasons for the termination of the electricity supply. -06D--

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