Ban on ehsan puts the authorities in a difficult situation

A contradictory situation is observed in  the country’s leadership  due to the restrictions and prohibitions on  funerals. Thus, unofficial restrictions imposed by the authorities, caused discontent and growing tensions among citizens, which the executive authorities with the assistance of the police do not allow to give Ehsan (memorial meal), and  require drastically reduce it. At the same time, such restrictions  are not apply to wealthy individuals and representatives of the authorities themselves.

According to  informed source, the topic is being discussed at the highest level to find the  way out. There are legal restrictions, and administrative constraints are unfounded.

Authorities initiated restrictions, without bothering, as always, the appropriate ideological preparation of  their idea.

This is not the first time when the local authorities blindly try to fulfill  spontaneously  orders of the presidential administration,  but then go back.

The same happened a few years ago, when the government imposed a ban on azans  through loudspeakers. However, the fear of growing dissatisfaction  of  the faithful and frank sabotage  of religious  leaders, who condemned that  initiative, forced the authorities to retreat. -02В-

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