Deputies proposed to restore the holiday on the occasion of Independence Day

On Friday, the regular plenary session of the Parliament. During the discussion, several members offered to restore the holiday on the occasion of the Day of State Independence on October 18.

The MP Faraj Guliyev also encouraged to establish a parliamentary pension parliamentarians to initiate the adoption of the Constitutional Act of Independence in 1991.

This proposal was supported by Vahid Akhmedov, as Guliyev and voted in 1991 for Independence Act.

Other members preferred to raise personal issues. So, Agil Abbas complained about the tightening of the French Embassy in the issuance to him of a Schengen visa, while now arrested human rights activist Leyla Yunus issued a visa very quickly.

"So to get a visa at the French Embassy have to be Leyla Yunus" - quipped First Vice-Speaker Ziyafet Askerov. -05B-

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